1928 Citroen - João Silva Classics

1928 Citroen, AC 4 model

This model was also called “C4” or, as later became known, by "Rosalie".

Launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1928, when Citroen ran serious risks of survival, this model had a body very similar to your "brother" AC 6. Born the evolution of B14, AC 4 model provided one wide variety of body, making it a model of choice for the families of the time. The previous model acquired the body. However, the new features are made to see the radiator level, engine cover and fenders, more robust and elegant than those of its predecessor.

The competitive price, the brilliant performance for the time, the robustness and quality of construction determined its success.

Our model, color yellow outer base contrasts with the black of the wings and the cream of the upper and rims. The interiors feature is large and sober, lined in brown fabric.

Able to load 4 people is the perfect car for old recreation scenes or for other different types of events, whether weddings or sightseeing tours.