1946 Dodge - João Silva Classics

1946 Dodge, D-24 model

Product of american postwar plants, and produced by Chrysler Corporation, this rare national model went on sale in late 1946 and remained almost unchanged until the end of the decade of 40. These cars were a huge success at the time, and their production exceeded two million units between 1946 and 1948.

Much sought after for its elegance and performance, buyers of the time the most appreciated your comfort and durability, seeing it as a true family vehicle. So, many of these cars have been exported and due to its constructive qualities, circulated on several taxi cars in the world, it is not strange to find in 40`s photographs of Lisbon numerous copies of this model.

Equipped with car radio of the time, our vehicle has a total capacity of 4 passengers. With exterior in black, it shines with its reddish colored velvet upholstery in the interior. It can be a great choice by its ample interior space and glass partition between the driver and the passengers.

It is an excellent vehicle for weddings and many others social events.