1952 Opel - Jo„o Silva Classics

1952 Opel, Kapitšn model

Flagship model produced by german factory Opel, it is a rare vehicle in Portugal. Some people refers to this model as "baby Chevrolet", being similar to the models of the American brand.

This model impresses with its modern and harmonious lines.

Our vehicle was subject to a rigorous restoration and it is all original and in excellent condition. Possessing the exterior color bordeaux, the interior is spacious and well finished, with two very comfortable one-piece banks. Common at that time, has rear doors opening in the opposite direction of what is now usual. With a gray interior trim, with bordeaux and cream fabric, contrasting with its exterior color is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the safety and security provided by the german technology of the time.

Equipped with car radio of the 50`s, it has a total load capacity of 4 people.

For a special day, this classic postwar luxury car with all its elegance, refinement and glamor, will provide you more than attention: exclusivity and admiration.