1970 Volkswagen - João Silva Classics

Volkswagen 1970, Beetle 1200 model

Very popular vehicle all over the world, in Portugal, this model was known as "Carocha". However, its original designation is "Beetle", adopting different names in other countries. The first model dates from 1938 and was the result of the work developed by the technical team of the chief engineer Ferdinand Porsche. The bold design, the new air-cooled system and the rear engine revolutionized the automotive market at the time.

Born of the need for affirmation of the Nazi regime and its leader, with the "Beetle," Hitler established the need for a popular vehicle, simple design and cheap production, which was mass produced for the new German road network. Although designed in the 1930`s, the "car of the people" was only produced in significant numbers from 1945, having reached its peak in the 60`s and 70`s of the 20th century, having been a vehicle greatly appreciated by the families of the time.

Our model features a unique and original transformation, with a yellow exterior containing interior trim to grey fabric. Our car is very comfortable and reliable car being an excellent option for those who appreciate this model of Volkswagen and want a cabriolet vehicle.

With total capacity for 4 passengers is the automobile of election for the most kinds of events: weddings, sightseeing tours or movies.